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Top 5 Males with the Most Beautiful Eyes

In Korea there's such thing as "Eyes Day," and in celebration of it B&Vitt Eye Center in Gangnam, Seoul surveyed 460 patients to see which celebrities had the most beautiful eyes. The results were actress Park Shin Hye and JYJ's Park Yoochun. After Yoochun followed Lee Jong Suk, EXO's Chanyeol, DBSK's Changmin, JYJ's Junsu and 2PM's Junho. But what about our list? Let's take a look at which males we think have the most beautiful eyes.

Any man who smiles with his eyes is a winner for me. Rain and 2PM's Junho may have small eyes with no double eyelid, but get these two to smile and you'll melt to the floor.

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Actor Song Seung Hyun has gorgeous eyes. When I first laid my eyes on him, the first thing that caught my attention were his eyes. They are perfectly almond shaped and perfectly perfect. Why is this man so sexy?

I'm not a fan of huge bulgy eyes but it works on Wonbin and boy, oh boy, do his eyes give him immense sex appeal.

Aside from the fact that he's easy on the eyes, what gives Lee Ki Kwang an edge is his beautiful eye shape.

But the man with the most unique eyes is actor So Ji Sub. Any adjectives I use won't be enough to describe their beauty or shape. So instead I'll let you take a look for yourself.

Tell us your top 5 males with the most beautiful eyes in Korea below!

The Celebs with the Most Beautiful Eyes in K-pop Are... Park Yoochun and Park Shin Hye!

November 11 is declared as "Eyes Day." prior to this celebration, B&Vitt Eye Center located at Gangnam, Seoul conducted a survey for 460 patients asking, "Which celebrity has the most beautiful eyes?"

Looks like patients threw their bets to which celebrities have the most beautiful eyes. And the most votes went to JYJ's Park Yoochun and actress Park Shin Hye 

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Park Yoochun garnered 32% of votes for his smiling eyes. While second place was given to Lee Jong Suk with 29%, and in third was EXO's Chanyeol and DBSK's Max Changmin with 10% of the votes.However, JYJ's Junsu and 2PM's Junho grab the fourth spot having 9% of the votes.

In the female category, Park Shin Hye received 36% for her limpid eyes. While Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is at the 2nd spot with 21% and Sunny ranked third place with 16% of votes. Billiard player Cha Yoo Ram with 12% is in the fourth spot and Girl's Generation's Seohyun and actress Jin Sae Yeon came in fifth with 8%.

One of the representatives at the B&Vitt Eye Center says, "Through the survey, it was revealed that people consider having clear eyes as the highest criteria for having the most beautiful eyes."

Did you agree with the vote or did they miss our own choices for celebrities with the most beautiful eyes?

Celebs With The Best Abs We've Seen On Stage

Best Abs On Stage

We're always happy seeing our idols perform on stage, but sometimes its better to see them pack something extra. (Idols listed in no particular order.)


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I think in any given day, Rain would make it one everyone else's washboard abs list. I mean look at those! It's like God meld it to perfection. Rain's abs has been imprinted in history considering that he was one of those few K-pop celebrities who were showing off abs and ripping off shirts on stage while the rest of the idol hemisphere were still covering up and acting all cutesy.

Taecyeon of 2PM

Taecyeon-how do we even begin to describe Taecyeon's abs? Following Rain, Taecyeon deviates from the typical male idol image of being a bit lean. Teacyeon's size is monstrous, but in a good way. He's one of those idols that toned all over-toned biceps, toned abs, even his immaculate jawline is toned. It's a godsend, too, that in most of Taecyeon and the rest of 2PM's performances, their choreography involves shirt-ripping. No complaints.

Siwon of Super Junior

Super Junior's been conservative long enough, seeing their abs on stage is a miracle. A lot of people new to K-pop would think they seem a bit no lanky. What they don't know is that to find precious gems, they're gonna have to dig deep. The other Super Junior members also boast well-sculpted abs of their own, but Siwon's is the father of them all (and perhaps of all male SM Entertainment idols, too).

Taeyang of Big Bang

If anything, a lot of girls would definitely line up in the "Wedding Dress" just to marry Taeyang in all his muscular glory. He has that cute, child-like face that you wouldn't expect he'd be hiding something like those behind a shirt. Except, of course, that he hasn't been hiding it.

Dongjun of ZE:A

That' the thing about some idols-they always take you by surprise. Look at those washboard abs. It deserves a little more exposure, Dongjun!

Nicole of Kara

Sometimes, it gets a little alarming when bashers call some idols "fat" when they have abs like this hiding behind their shirts. Kara's Nicole, like most other idols, used to be labelled "fat" or the "fatter girl in Kara". But haters can eat up their words now because those abs!

Yuri of Girls' Generation

From a mortal's own point of view all 9 members of Girls' Generation have goddess-like near-perfection. Sooyoung has long legs to die for, Taeyeon has that cute and child-like face that make people question her true age, Tiffany has gorgeously sparkling eyes. Basically each member of SNSD has an asset unique to her. But when it comes to an overall hot-bod listing, Yuri outranks the others. Yuri has often been voted in online communities as the member with the best body. And we aren't arguing with that. She's not skinny, rather she's fairly toned and has a great s-line form. Need I mention her abs are killer?

Krystal of f(x)

Krystal may look like a sweet, girly girl on the outside but she's actually rather ripped. The Jung sisters both boast nice abs, but Krystal's, hands down, is the best.

Son Dam Bi

Really, Son Dam Bi's abs require no explanation. Whether she's performing on stage or posing for a health magazine, Son Dam Bi's abs look majestic. Not only does she have toned abs, but she's also got a really proportionate body.


All these years of training and rehearsing as an idol, Kahi has transformed herself into Superwoman... or something like that. Her abs is just one thing; she's statuesque and boasts a really powerful voice, and her rapping skills are a plus!

You know we'd love to add some more to the list but we fear this might already have you hyperventilating as it is! Can you think of other idols who can top the ones in this list? Comment below.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook display manly charms for ‘SINGLES’

2PM , kim jae wook
[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook display manly charms for ‘SINGLES’

2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook, the two male leads for upcoming tvN drama ‘Who Are You’, put their manly charms in display through a recent pictorial for the fashion magazine, ‘SINGLES’.

In the photos, the co-stars showed off different tough-guy looks with their muscular figures in their tight-fitting suits. Especially, Taecyeon grabbed the attention with his bronzed coloured skin tone, bushy eyebrows and strong gaze.

During the interview, Taecyeon shared, “I have been a singer for 6 years now, and there are still a lot of things that I don’t know. But I can determine for myself how I should handle them. But as an actor, I am still a rookie. I want to learn more about acting. I’m not sure how high my goal is as an actor yet.”

Taecyeon Shows His Passion for Acting on BTS Photos of “Who Are You”

Recently, BTS photos of Taecyeon on the set of tvN’s new drama “Who Are You” were released.

In the revealed photos is 2PM’s Taecyeon, who plays the role of Gun Woo, a capable yet troublesome policeman. So Yi Yeon will be playing the female lead named Si On, another police officer who awoke from a six-year coma and has the ability to see ghosts.

In the released pictures, Taecyeon shows enthusiasm and solemnity as he studies the script with the director. A staff member from the set stated, “Taeyeon’s passion for acting is incredible. He is learning a lot from everyone on the set, including the director and other actors, to understand his character.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Who Are You” will be aired on July 29, 2013.

taecyeon who are you2

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Hopes 2PM Achieves Shinhwa’s Longevity in “1st Look”

2PM, Taecyeon, Shinhwa
[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Hopes 2PM Achieves Shinhwa’s Longevity in “1st Look”

2PM member and actor Taecyeon was featured in a photo shoot and interview in the July issue of “1st Look.” In the style magazine, Taecyeon talks in depth about his new drama “Who Are You?” and reveals his hopes for 2PM.

Taecyeon said: “After we debuted, until the time that we received major awards for “Heartbeat,” it took us two years. What I’m saying is that other new groups had enough time to stomp down and mark their places. But, as opposed to being on pins and needles, we gained a wider perspective [on the music industry]. This time, the thing that I felt as I watched Shinhwa [senior idol group], when you work a long time, as you do the work, you become more charismatic. Like Shinhwa, as 2PM has its ups and downs, as time goes by, I hope there will come a day when just our existence is looked at as charismatic.”

Tropical Storm Haiyan Aftermath: Wave of Support from K-pop Community - Lee Minho, 2PM Nichkhun and Fan Clubs Send Love to Victims

With the death toll in the storm-stricken Central Philippines rising to over 10,000, and destruction quite visible, the K-pop community all over the world shows the positive force of the global family in K-pop. Earlier on November 9th, actor Lee Min Ho sent a message to the Filipino people posting in his LINE account, "I heard that there was a great damage done by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines." He continued, "I hope everyone is safe now. Please don't lose faith. We're thinking of you from Korea."

On Friday, Nichkhun of 2PM was also in Manila for a meet-and-greet for a local fashion house, Bench. There he announced his donation to the victims of the quake from the Central Visayas regions of the Philippines. But, the 2PM member didn't forget about the typhoon victims as well. During his press conference for the event, he gave his message: " With this disaster coming , I hope all of the people of the Philippines are safe. To the victims, I hope you guys stay strong and you know keep your hopes up, never give up. I'm sure that when everything clears up, everything will go back to normal or better." He then auctioned off autographed t-shirts, the proceeds of which will go to the typhoon victims.

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As the extent of the damage is now being assessed, fanclubs in K-pop are also beginning to mobilize with what will soon be an outpour of support. As of this writing, fans of band CNBLUE seem to be one of the first to have come together to raise funds for relief operations for typhoon victims. Pulling together fanbases of each individual members and the international fanbase, CNBLUEstorm, BOICE are now raising funds that will be donated to relief operations, as well as organizing local collections of donations in kind for blankets, clothing and canned goods. If you are BOICE or a CNBLUE fan, please check out their project

If other fanbases, would like to promote their own projects towards relief operations for typhoon victims, please leave your information in the comments below and a link to your project poster. We will be checking and updating the list of fanbases with their projects.

Also, stay tuned for KpopStarz' event towards relief operations as well.